Viking Vengeance is an RPG inspired by norse mythology with many twists and new mechanics in a lowpoly cartoonish environment.
We are still early in development so anything you see on this page may change or be improved.

Norse Universe

From Midgard to Valhalla and Asgard you will encounter a variety of worlds, legends and characters. You will write your own destiny and follow your path to vengeance and immortality.

Gods Favors

Earn the gods favors by doing a variety of activities, from fixing their idol statues and praying to summoning them or their powers in battle.

A variety of missions and skills

The game will offer over 20 hours of gameplay with different locations, different quests, different foes and different equipment and skills to unlock from the gods.

Unique Combat Systems & Skills

You will see more about this posted daily on social media. Feature include: pushing enemies off cliffs, drowning, executing enemies, using traps and environment or wild animals in your favor.

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