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In the last financial year, 2021/22, a record amount was placed on sports and lottery betting in Singapore. The easing of COVID-19 restrictions led to a 40% increase in the amount of money wagered on these products, compared to previous years.

There are a few different ways to place a bet on the Lottery. The first option is the big bet, which involves selecting a 4-digit number and placing a minimum bet of one Singapore dollar. Players win whenever their chosen number appears in any of the 5 prize tiers. Another option is the small bet, which entails selecting a single number and winning whenever it appears in any of the top 3 prize tiers.

Alternatively, you can opt for an ordinary entry, which allows you to select 4 digits and place a minimum bet of one Singapore dollar. The odds are 1 in 10,000, but this option is more expensive than the others.

Another popular choice is the TOTO game, which is very similar to 4D, except that you must choose six numbers from a set of 49, rather than just four. The jackpots are much smaller than 4D, but you can still win a significant amount of cash.

If you’re planning to play a Singapore pool or other online betting game, check the regulations carefully before you make any transactions. IRAS has a strict e-betting guideline, and if you are found to be in breach of this, you could be fined $1M per offence.