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Among the many gambling games that are played in Singapore, Lottery Singapore is one of the most popular. It is a legal form of gambling and is run by Singapore Pools. It offers a high payout rate and has a very high minimum prize. You can win the jackpot prize if you get six numbers that match the drawn numbers.

You can purchase tickets at Singapore Pools, the only legal gambling establishment in Singapore. You can also play online. You can also visit the official website for Lottery Singapore to find more details about the games.

The Singapore Pools website is also the place where you can find the latest Lottery Singapore results. You can check the results of previous draws and winning numbers. You can also download software and view results live online.

The lottery is organized by Singapore Pools, which is a state-owned gambling establishment. It has a sophisticated central system that ensures reliability and security.

Singapore Pools’ tickets are cheap and can be purchased for as low as $1. The minimum prize is one million Singapore dollars.

The jackpot prize rolls over to the next draw if no winner takes home the prize. It is also possible to win a share of the prize pool if you have a winning extra number. The prize pool is lower when the extra number is used.

Lottery Singapore has three types of games. These are Toto, ToTo Singapore Prize Pool, and 4D.